About Ugo Agoruah

The Art of Creation
Welcome to my virtual fine arts gallery.

Art is my outlet to express my inner thoughts and beliefs; the things that are difficult for me to articulate with words. My work has been a visualization of where my mind state is, has been, and the continuing journey of my mental growth. I take the life lessons I learn from my mental battles, the inspiration that I get from music, and in combination, make a statement and create a narrative through my art. I create worlds in which my narrative may live and thrive. The subject matter will vary from the deep, the superficial, the pleasurable, the transcendental, and the didactic, mostly through the use of contemporary figurative art. I believe that art can be a gateway to higher thinking, understanding ones own thoughts, and discovery. Throughout my  freelance artistic career I plan on solidifying and expounding on this series of worlds that I am molding in my creative space. Traveling and experiencing life and its different forms of art are expected to be a large part of my learning endeavor. Whether that comes from just putting myself in situations outside of my comfort zone, or applying for residencies and public art commissions around the country. Being able to cultivate ideas, albeit a personal piece or a commission piece, is a major factor about art that excites me. Expanding my level of creativity is always an end goal.


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